The History of Work

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Write a 7 page essay on The History of Work.From creation, people used to live unorganized lifestyles where they for example lived in caves doing nothing for livelihood. The urge to get organized and engage in some activities geared towards making their lives productive and enjoyable led to development of some tools which they utilized to make a living,for instance, through hunting and gathering. It is from there that they saw the importance of settlement and they became more organized and engaged in activities like farming although to very small scale which later developed to large scale production with advancement or utilization of technology in terms of the tools and products used. The farming revolution was experienced after 9,000 BC and brought a lot of notable changes in the world as people considered farming of crops like wheat, peas, barley and lentils among other plants as opposed to engaging in gathering them or hunting animals. Domestication of animals for instance sheep, goats and pigs was also an aspect that was adopted by the people.The first farming practices can be traced in the Fertile Crescent, which spreads from north Israel to the south east Turkey all the way to the south east of the Persian Gulf. Agriculture was however developed differently in other parts of the world as people now attached a lot of importance to it. Farming spread from the Middle East to Europe and some traditional forms of farming was practiced, for instance, the use of oxen to pull the ploughs and even the wagons. Farming was considered a very critical source of work in the agrarian revolution and people did not think of formal work since things like education and industrialization had not hit their minds. Aspects of farming did not change much in the middle ages as the peasants still considered it a difficult task due to lack of technology that could make their work easier and enjoyable. Changes were only experienced in terms of invention of some new

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