The Globalisation of McDonalds

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Write an essay on The Globalisation of McDonalds and the Role of Management. It needs to be at least 1750 words.McDonald’s Conquers the world. Fortune, October, 17, 103-116. 12 VIGNALI, C. 2001. McDonald’s:“think global, act local”–the marketing mix. British Food Journal, 103, 97-111. 12 WATSON, J. L. 2006. Golden arches east: McDonald’s in East Asia, Stanford Univ Pr. 12 Executive Summary McDonalds is a widely known brand that is recognised throughout the world. It was begun by Ray Kroc who saw potential in a small drive-in restaurant ran by two brothers. Through his passion and leadership the company grew to its current standing and continues to grow. This report focus on four aspects, first it examines what traits made Ray Kroc and James Cantalupo good leaders and good managers for the company. Following this it examines the elements of business strategies for the company and how they increase the business. Then it considers the fast food industry as a whole and finally looks at changes in organisation to make it more globalized. Introduction McDonalds is a multinational corporation that spans the globe, and is often considered one of the most successful business empires. The franchise was originally born from a drive-in restaurant named McDonald’s Bar-B-Que which began in 1940. In 1948 the restaurant was shut down for alterations and reopened as a drive-in restaurant, selling a total of nine items, the most important of which was the 15 cent hamburger. The big change to the business came when salesman 52-year old Ray Kroc visited McDonalds and takes a position as a nationwide franchising agent for the company (McDonalds, 2011). Following the introduction of Kroc to the company McDonalds become connected to many of the icons and symbols that it is associated with today.

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