The Educational Part Of The Life

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Submit a 500 words paper on the topic The Educational Part Of The Life. ?The Educational Part Of The Life I am a 50 years old father, and a husband with four children and currently one daughter is an undergraduate in the medical school. In the recent past, I had devoted my life to business and served as an NA at a local hospital of which I have quit and sold my business in order to focus on my studies. My life has been tough in that, I have learnt to do everything with care and hard work. Though I never finished my high school in good terms, I have managed to provide for my family and even gone for further studies in the university am currently attending. The experience gained as a businessman, an NA in a local hospital, a nontraditional student and the knowledge I will gain from the studies will greatly boost my own aspiration in becoming that person I had dreamt to be since my junior years. I have been able to tackle life challenges and at the same time handling family matters in every way. My academic life will improve significantly in line with achieving a change in how l view life. Throughout my life, I have embraced time management and realism in engaging all sets of psychological thinking to motivate young people in working hard and be determined as life offers chances but only patience and courage will make one break through. Not having an educational base really broke many of my achievements during the junior youth years but luckily made it through investing in both business and learning at the same time. This opportunity offered me the best managerial skills and planning in that, every resource within my reach is well utilized to benefit my life that of my family and society. I have finished my high school at the age of 47, being the oldest student in class, everybody could think of the laxity and backsliding but I shocked everybody to having come out victorious and even advanced my studies to becoming a nurse. This motivation and achievement will build a solid foundation towards mentoring other nontraditional students that learning is a life-long process and anybody can achieve it at any level regardless of age and it will positively encourage my children to follow my footsteps to culminate the aspect of hard life in future. As a professional nurse, my past experience will make my working more interesting because I will have the fore-knowledge towards tackling situational crisis and managing available resources to benefit every citizen regardless of social class. It will be with regards that I be offered the scholarship to further my studies in provision that throughout my life I have struggled to accomplish my dream in career and goal achievement. Currently, I have an obligation as a father and at the same time a student. Having closed my business and quit the NA position, it will be challenging to pay tuition fees for my children at elementary level to college level, at the same time provide basic needs for them and cater for my education. The scholarship offer will greatly be a show to the society especially to the nontraditional students that there is always a way and learning requires space and time to be accomplished. With all the devotions experienced in life, I am affirmed that the results to my Master’s degree in Nursing will change the face of the society and that of my family. Having difficulties in finishing high school due to financial constraints, I wish to engage all my efforts in my studies and that’s why solely my mind has got the right direction to pursue MDN though the scholarship offer. I am determined to helping others in the society accomplish their goals so that they will not get into the same situation I was in while in school. Receiving the scholarship will instill credibility and as well sound as a form of reward to my hard work recognition to an extent of empowering my personality as a father and a professional in the field of nursing.

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