The diagram Prejudice and Discrimination

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Write a 2 page essay on The diagram Prejudice and Discrimination: The Vicious Circle pg 366 depicts the most important concept in this chapter. In a well-developed , explain the diagram in your own words & give an example of this that you have seen in action in your world.From the most positive, pluralism, to the most destructive, genocide, the two diagrams in combination seem to indicate that the cycle of prejudice and discrimination may move from one pattern of interaction to another, either in a positive or a negative manner.The cycle of prejudice and discrimination begins with a preconceived notion, a prejudice, against a minority group. Acting on this prejudice through discrimination leads to social disadvantages for the affected group. These can be manifested in many ways, but often show up economically due to a lack of equal access to education, housing and work (Brux, 2011). Due to the stage of social disadvantage, the prejudice and discrimination ultimately become a self-fulfilling prophecy by creating a belief in the inherent inferiority of the minority group. Individuals that wish to discriminate against the minority need to do nothing more than point to the impoverished circumstances of their existence to prove their points about the minority being inferior. This perceived inferiority, in turn, fueled more prejudice and discrimination, perpetuating the cycle.In my world, I have seen this exact cycle imposed on the few African Americans that lived in my small town. The entire community lived in a row of falling down houses on the same block on the edge of town. They didn’t even make up 1% of the population, but they got blamed for everything. People would often say about the community that there was no shame in being poor, but living like they did had no excuse. No one ever seemed to stop and think about the fact that not a single business owner in town would hire a black man or women to do anything more than sweep the floor or empty the trashcans for less than minimum wage. I know it was illegal, but most of the African Americans in my town were paid cash under the table and less than the minimum wage. Why did this happen? I happened because employers said that because they were black, they didn’t

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