The Capabilities and Marketing Strategies of McDonald’s

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The Capabilities and Marketing Strategies of McDonald’s. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The business performance of McDonald’s has been falling down, reporting negative growth in its markets, and revenues. For example, in the year 2014, the business performance of McDonald’s in Europe and America experienced a slowdown. In Europe, the company posted a negative drop in its financial performance by 1.4%. This is despite depicting a strong financial performance in its UK market. In the United States, the company was able to post a drop in its sales by 1%. Another problem facing this company is its weak and inefficient customer service capability. The company employees are not good at catering to the needs of its customers, and this has an impact in effect the loyalty of the customers towards the business organization. In any organization, employees of the company play an important role in determining whether the company will succeed or not. An efficient and friendly workforce would ensure that they are able to know and serve the needs of its customers, and this is the key to increasing the market share of an organization. For purposes of improving its financial performance, the management of the company has to solve the above-mentioned problems. There are two major methods that the company can use to solve the mentioned problems, and they include, improving its marketing strategy and its customer service capability. However, the company cannot develop an efficient marketing strategy, without having information on the strategies of their competitors, and the needs of its customers. This would, therefore, force the company to carry out extensive market research, on the capabilities and marketing strategies of its competitors, the needs of its customers, and on the best marketing methods that the company can use. The company should also restructure its organization, and it should re-train its employees on customer service. However, it would also be impossible to achieve this objective without having knowledge of the various needs of its customers.

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