Terry maning fashion center

TERRY MANNING FASHION CENTERTrial BalanceNovember 30, 2010Dr. Cr.Cash $33,019Accounts Receivable 35,019Merchandise Inventory 49,019Store Supplies 6,210Store Equipment 89,319Accumulated Depreciation – Store Equipment $22,010Delivery Equipment 48,010Accumulated Depreciation – Delivery Equipment 6,010Note Payable 55,319Accounts Payable 52,819Terry Manning, Capital 118,718Terry Manning, Drawing 12,010Sales 759,519Sales Returns and Allowances 8,810Cost of Goods Sold 501,719Salaries Expense 135,701Advertising Expense 28,719Utilities Expense 14,121Repair Expense 12,110Delivery Expense 16,710Rent Expense23,899$1,014,395$1,014,395Adjustment data:1. Store supplies on hand totaled $2,510.2. Depreciation is $8,899 on the store equipment and $5,121 on the delivery equipment.3. Interest of $4,201 is accrued on notes payable at November 30.4. Merchandise inventory actually on hand is $48,719.

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