Teamwork in the group

Write a 2 page essay on Teamwork.Resistance to the approach may be due to the struggle over control of the leadership of the group, which may be due to divergent opinions or challenging the decisions made by the team leader (Cragan 78). Another reason for resistance may be due to hostile leadership where the team leader either may be racist, sexist or practices various discriminatory practices. Resistance in the form of a bid to control the team in terms of ideas may be dealt with by brainstorming of opinions shared by the team players and accommodating everyone’s opinion. Hostile leadership can be controlled by action from all the team players as opposed to the challenger and the team leader holding a private dialogue.Experts view teams as means, not an end in that they view the team as a way of achieving the vision of the organization. An end is described as the goal of the organization where the teams created are deemed as a way of achieving the vision and not the vision itself. Companies that focus on creating teams as opposed to achieving its goals is bound to collapse if the strategy is not looked into (Means 56). A company should focus on the ultimate aim of attaining its goals, which may be achieved by formation of teams among other strategies (Rothstein 100).It is important that team members analyze their team role at their work place, their contribution and whether or not they are comfortable with their specific position. The roles of team players may be categorized into task roles, nurturing roles and dysfunctional roles. One can become a better team member by understanding their responsibility and understanding that the decisions that they make affect the overall performance of the team.The concept of self-management of employees is highly successful in organizations where the decision-making by employees is embraced (Cheltenham 60). Self-managed groups are held

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