Teaching as a Professional Career

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Assignment Help

Write an article on Teaching as a Professional Career. It needs to be at least 250 words. How is teaching a professional career? Three factors that make teaching a professional career are The combination of work and job 2. Emotional comfort 3. Skill improvement through reflection Teaching is a profession because it provides an individual not just with job, but also with work. On daily basis, teachers inspire the students with their unique pedagogical styles and keep them engaged in their interesting experiences. Every day, when students leave their biological parents at home and come to school, they find their parents in their teachers. Profession is something one can adopt for long and which one feels comfortable with. Teaching provides an individual with both. This is achieved by way of development of rapport and emotional attachment with the students. Everyday comes with new experiences both for the students and the teachers. For many teachers, their profession brings them intrinsic rewards of emotions and intellect. With their continuous, uninterrupted and persistent efforts day by day, the student improves in his/her response towards academics and by the end of the term, when he/she scores good marks, it is not only the school administration that acknowledges the teacher’s efforts, but also the parents of the succeeded children. Reflection is an activity teachers commonly do on daily basis in order to learn from their mistakes, improve their mentoring skills and overcome their weaknesses. In order to progress in any career, an individual needs to reflect upon experiences at the end of the day. Teaching is one such profession in which teachers continuously evolve their skills through reflection on daily basis.

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