T-account entries

What would t-account entries and transactions look like according to what happened bellow? What would posted entries to the T-accounts and calculate ending balances look like? What would a trial balance of FRS at August 10, 2014 look like? What would financial statments financial statements for the first 10 days of operations at FRSOn August 2014, Grace Fung incorporates and opens Fung Research Services Inc. (FRS). During thecompany’s first ten days of operations, it completes the following transactions:1.To begin operations, Grace Fung deposits $400,000 of personal funds in a bank account entitledFung’s Research Services Inc. and the business issues shares of common stock in the amount of$400,000. Grace had obtained the $400,000 by selling off RRSPs that she had saved over theyears. $400,000 was the proceeds used from the sale of $500,000 worth of RRSPs.2.FRS pays $300,000 cash for a small house which is to be used as an office.3.Grace has a personal use residential property from which she does some work although the bulkof her days are spent at the FRS offices in the other small house. She does repairs on theresidential property in the amount of $10,000 although this is not to be expensed against thebusiness as such an expenditure is considered to be a personal and living expense.4.Grace goes over to Staples/Business Depot and buys $500 worth of office supplies for thebusiness. She opens up a charge account with Staples/Business Depot and thus has 30 days topay.5.FRS finds a government surplus office equipment sale in the newspaper and goes to an auctionto buy office equipment. A bargain is found and FRS pays $6,000 cash for office furniture.6.The company pays $250 on the Staples/Business Depot purchase in #4.7.Grace decided she needs a vacation and pays herself a $1,000 dividend out of FRS.8.FRS does some research work for the Hamilton Tiger Cats and bills them $15,000. She receives$5,000 immediately in cash and the balance is to be paid in 90 days (the Ti-Cats are in dire straitsfrom a cash-flow point of view, but Grace is understanding, plus she needs the work).9.Grace realizes that she has used $100 worth of supplies and decides to expense it accordingly.

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