Swax watch

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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Swax watch.In addition, SWAX Watch has been completely differentiated in the packaging and prices. This will make the product quit conspicuous.The entire market coverage will be divided into various sections where as the demand of each segment is addressed. The first segment will target the youth. The product will be designed to appeal to the young people through coloration and scent. We shall address the concern raised by the young in the market research. Similarly, some product will be manufactured to meet the need of the poor in the society. This product will be designed to be relatively cheaper and within their reach.SWAX Watch will be presented in the best ways that appeal to a large number of audiences. In this case, popular media will be used as advertising platform. Similarly, peak periods of the day will be chosen so as a large number of audience are reached. The best possible method will be used to obtain the largest number of clients.As it has been stated, SWAX watch is targeting the youth. In this case, all its features are identified with the youth. The packaging and distribution is intended to reach to the youths in the society. In some cases, the product is designed to attain expected level of current trends. This is because the youths are attracted to trendy

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