Summary of Transportation Research Record

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Write an essay on Summary of Transportation Research Record. Paper must be at least 250 words. This explains why the last decade has seen the addition of only 7 runways. Nevertheless, quite a number of secondary airports have experienced tremendous growth, becoming the desired airports for specific destinations. This does not undermine the fact that they have been experiencing delays and congestion, especially in peak periods due to lack of places for the planes to land.The larger part of the funding for the airports in Denver, Colorado can be traced back to the federal government. However, decisions pertaining to the operation, building and expansion of the facilities are handled at local and state levels. It has been recognized that delays and congestion in airports can only be remedied by comprehensive remedies.This article examines air travel since it is always a pointer as to the direction taken by Gross Domestic Product of a particular state. In essence, there are concerns about the delays and congestion in many airports resulting from lack of space for expansion. Communities neighboring the airports are also against the expansion due to traffic as well as noise from the planes. This problem however would not be solved by simplistic remedies but a combination of solutions geared addressing the financial, technical and even social aspect of the airports, more so in relation with the

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