Summary of Personal Reflections

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Submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Summary of Personal Reflections and Learning In Relation To My SWOT and PDP.Further, I become familiar with the university setting and learned that the only difference from other lower learning institutions was the fact that one had to be self- driven. In relation to this, I learned a significant number of behaviors characteristic of me. In other words, I have come to learn and appreciated some attributes that define my personality. It was with the help of a questionnaire that colleagues at the university were able to guide me towards self-discovery. However, there are some attributes inherent in my personality that I would like to work on. I call them personal weaknesses. This paper summarizes my reflection and learning in relation to my strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Further, I will present my personal development plan. This exercise will help me to identify my weakness, and improve on them. Consequently, I will be able to improve my chances of being employed in the future. After two weeks of attending classes, I discovered some strengths about myself. In my case, I could easily start a conversation, thus most people approached me for help regarding some personal problems. During lectures, students will request me to ask the lecturer regarding class materials. At some point, I was voted as the class representative owing to my outgoing nature. Hence, I came to learn that I was confident, but others called it daring. Overall, what they meant is that I had the courage to express myself whenever I felt like doing it. I learned that I had taken this attribute for granted while growing up. I hardly knew that it was not in the nature of everyone to take charge and face issues without apprehension. Based on Eysenck’s theory of personality, some people’s personality is characterized as extroverted- stable. These types of people are sociable, outgoing, responsive, and could be able to lead others (Nevid, 2010).

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