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The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.What this degree has provided me in return is a well paying job in my own home territory, the standing that I needed within the society and a sense of calm within my own self that I have done something on my very own.Ever since I have returned from England, it has been an easy ride for me. I instantly received job offers left,right and center and I came to know that the foreign degree has its own standing in the society that I live in. At the present, I have a lucrative job with perks separate from it and then there is the aspect of free life and health insurance, not only for me but also for my immediate family members.I have realized with the passage of time that in our society it is pertinent to have a decent job which pays well and hence this insures that the standing within the society is maintained all said and done. People like to meet those individuals more who are well settled and have future career growth opportunities reassuring them time and again. There is a sense of attachment when one attains a good job which at the end of the day also pays the individual and in this case, me well.I have become contented with life. I know that I took the right decision at the right time to move out of my country and attain a much needed foreign degree under my belt. More than anything else, my timing was right when it came to coming back to my homeland where I got the job that I had wished for as well as prayers and wishes of the people around me. There has been a totally different mindset in the people who surround me and my life.This activity proved to be a real blessing in disguise for me since I never knew studying in England for a year would open doors for me as far as my professional life is concerned. I have a whole new circle of friends with whom I can attach myself to and they feel proud to have me within their ranks as well. I realize that I have done something on my own and I should always feel pride in this very aspect. I thank God

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