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ONLY USE SAS STUDIO ON DEMAND!!! 1.  Download the file ‘AHCA_INP_SAMP_1 to your        OnDemand data library.     a. Import the file into SAS     b. Create a new data file for only those records where the principal diagnosis code            is  ‘41000’ to ‘41499’ and keeping the following variables:  sex ethnicity race age             payer  prindiag othdiag1-othdiag30 prinproc othproc1-othproc30.2.  Using the if-then-else statements create a zero-one dummy variable (0= did not get      it and 1 for got it) for cardiac catheterization where the code for cardiac         catheterization (CATH) is ‘3720’ to ‘3723’ for the first 11procedures (prinproc and        othproc1 othproc10.)3.  Create a zero-one raceeth variable for Non-Hispanic White (0), Non-Hispanic Black       (1), and Hispanic (2).4.  Write formats for CATH and RACEETH.5.  Produce a formatted table comparing receipt of cardiac catheterization for the       three race/ethnicity groups.  Ask for a ChiSq statistic6.  Write a short explanation of the table.7.  Redo number 2 using an array.  How many people got the cardiac catheterization?FOR EACH OF THE STEPS PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THE SAS CODE AND THE LOG INTO A WORD DOCUMENT

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