Stree and productivity

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Submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Subject: reaserch method /topic: stree and productivity.The findings of the research proved this concept true because just like in the students of other parts of the world, abroad studies and employment have also been found as the major sources of stress in type ‘A’ Dubai based students. The findings have laid the way for further research in this area of psychology.Stress refers to the state of mind which makes a person unable to think and act properly. It is one of the most serious issues not only related to personal life but also to the professional life of person. Stress is an emotional strain that affects the sense of control and focus, and consequently, the level of productivity. It lies in the categories of psychological problems and needs a psychological treatment along with the use of medicines in some cases.In personal life, Stress makes a person unable to perform daily life matters properly. It directly affects the level of productivity of a person by keeping him/her think about irrelevant issues. As the result, the level of productivity goes down. In professional life, stress at the workplace can enhance employee turnover because it leads to depression and decreased job satisfaction, which makes an employee switch to other jobs at other companies. Some of the main consequences of employee stress include decreased employee productivity, decreased organizational performance, increased employee turnover, decreased employee motivation, and workplace conflicts. Managers need to create a stress-free environment at the workplace for employees in order to ensure increased employee productivity and sustainable organizational performance.In this paper, the focus will be on understanding the causes of stress in the type ‘A’ and type ‘B’ students of Dubai colleges. The focus will be on the students of Dubai only, which will make the research different from all other studies in the same area. The paper will include a

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