Strategy Assingment

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Write the following essay on Strategy Assingment. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Also an attempt to identify and understand the generic strategy used by the company has also been discussed. An attempt to help the company improve the strategies has also been laid down and a few tactics that can be used by the company have been discussed. Finally recommendations for the company to assist them scan the food industry in order to keep the strategies live and keep the company blooming have also been included.Kudler Fine Foods has used technology to a great extent and has been able to implement information and technology systems well into their work processes. The company utilizes several technologies like a wide area network (WAN), which allows storing the real time communication and all details of inventory and vendors effectively. This system ensures that the operations of the company run smoothly and in an uninterrupted manner at all times. The stores have also incorporated several other inventory servers like the University of Phoenix and the Information Technology networks. The systems used for the POS systems also allow the company to record the data in a more effective and efficient manner. The impact of the use of technology on the company has been vast and has led the company to a great level of success. As discussed earlier, the company is customer centric and it also concentrates to a great extent on the employees as well. All the information that is gained from the database and all information of the customers, orders, inventory and also the vendors, assist the company to determine the style and strategy that it requires to adopt in a more informed manner (Housel and Nelson 2005). Hence the use of technology allows the company to make more informed and well thought out decisions.The company in the current time uses a very centralized strategy for the day to day processes. The overall working

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