Strategic analysis of apple inc

Create a 9 page paper that discusses strategic analysis of apple inc. Purpose of the essay is to analyze the strategies Apple Inc. used in their business to serve as a guide and inspiration to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. As shown in the data analysis, Apple Computer used marketing strategies that gave the company a definite competitive advantage over its large competitors. The company devoted a lot of resources and used the innovative skills and technical competence of its personnel to become one of the largest computer companies in the world. Its mission and vision have been rightly tracked to its operations and have guided the company. The company is facing lawsuits on unethical business behaviors, but the researcher believes that they have not violated any unethical behavior because of the protection of patent law. However, as a public corporation, it is their corporate responsibility to serve a great number of people that will in turn contribute to the profitability of the company in the long run. As the company derives its success from its personnel, motivation and rewards should be given. The recommended rewards are bonus and profit sharing plus non monetary rewards. Mergers and acquisitions are recommended to establish long term growth and strengthen position in the market. It is also concluded by the researcher that at the moment the biggest problem of Apple is the fierce competition in the industry, that companies resort to merger and acquisition to compete globally as globalization presents a wide opportunity for computer companies.

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