Stock analysis

A stock analyst wondered whether the mean rate of return of? financial, energy, and utility stocks differed over the past 5 years. He obtained a simple random sample of eight companies from each of the three sectors and obtained the? 5-year rates of return shown in the accompanying table? (in percent).(A) Are the mean rates of return different at the a=0.05 level of? significance? Use technology to find the? F-test statistic for this data set.(B) Determine the? P-valueData:Financial                       Energy                       Utilities10.76                             12.89                          11.9815.12                             13.96                           5.8617.01                              6.43                            13.465.07                               11.23                            9.8219.50                              18.93                           3.958.16                                20.73                           3.4410.38                              9.60                             7.116.75                               17.40                            15.70

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