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Distinguish between SQL and NoSQL. Discuss the various database members of NoSQL. Discussion Requirements: What is SQL? What is NoSQL? What are the distinguishing characteristics of SQL and NoSQL. List and explain the family members of NoSQL database.* Why is NoSQL an ideal database type for Big Data Analytics?  –  This is the key part of this discussion. Let me provide you with one of the NoSQL family members – Document Database.

In this type, a key is paired with a set of data (or value) called Document. A group of documents with their respective keys is called Collection. A classic example of Document Database is MongoDB. The links below shed more lights on MongoDB: MongoDB & some other NoSQL Database membershttps://www.mongodb.com/nosql-explainedMongoDB Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKjH8WhSu_E

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