Space tourism risk identification and analysis

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Write the following on Space tourism risk identification and analysis. Write a 750 word paper answering; Use the 4 categories learned for the RBS: technical, organizational, external and PM risks. Hilson (2002) defined risk breakdown structure or RBS as a source-oriented grouping of project risks that is detailed as in descending manner towards the sources of the risk. It is hierarchical in structure and provides a guideline in risk management. The usefulness of the method is: it aids in identifying risk allowing for complete coverage. allows risk assessment and categorization by source, thereby identifying dependency or correlation that results to capability in focused or generic responses. allows comparison of alternatives or options for management and investment decisions. risk reporting reduces misunderstanding as well as provides consistent information sharing from the bottom up to the highest level of the organization. Comparative Histories: Look back at other projects and if there were scope creep issues or major scheduling risks. The PERIL database (in the back of your Kendrick textbook) is a good example, but most organizations have files of project completed – or cancelled – which could be reviewed for insights and ‘lessons learned’. Decomposition Discussions: Experts who have worked on similar projects are great at ‘taking a potential project apart’.

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