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There are two issues related to the problem that I would like to address. One is the neglect caused to an elderly member of the family on the basis of ageism and the diminishing ‘value’ of a human life based on materialistic concerns. The second issue is the general aversion people show towards a family member who is terminally ill, which leads to a situation where s/he is put in a hospice, at the care of others. Though it may be a good idea at times to entrust aged and terminally ill people to the care of those specialized in such care, I believe the involvement of family members in the whole procedure will improve the prospects of a person retaining a lot of positive energy even as s/he nears the last phase of life. My view on this is related to the immense value a human life has and the need to address the cruelty from others who give up on the life of someone simply because s/he is too old and sick.

I believe that this universal issue can be solved only through proper sensitization. This has to start from the kindergarten, where kids should be taught the ways in which they should respect life. Along with the awareness that should necessarily be passed on with regard to the unnecessary evils of a World War and the impending disasters of Global Warming, each and every child should learn how to treat elderly people. They should be fully aware of the different phases of human life, and the inevitability of growing old and dying. They should know how to help elderly people keep their dignity through their suffering related to sickness, even as they are at the care of those who are trained to treat them. Apart from functional treatment, older people need and deserve a lot of love and care. I have witnessed many cases where a dying grandfather or grandmother craving for the attention of their family, while all they get is words of consolation from the home nurses.

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