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Sociology. GenderThink back to your childhood as far as you can go.When is the first time that you can recall that you were aware of being a girl or a boy?¬†(Hint:¬†sometimes these are painful events; for instance, when we asked for a toy and were told it wasn’t appropriate for our gender or when we were criticized for behaving like a member of the other gender.)How did you feel at the time?How do you think you acquired your gender identity?Give an example of how your gender was shaped by your family, peers, school, mass media and religion.Imagine you were born the opposite sex [a male (if you were born a female) or a female (if you were born a male)]. How would your life be different today? Include such things as hobbies, athletic activities, career paths, marriage, or other areas you think of.Are you satisfied with your gender descriptions given your sex?

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