Sociology of mental health

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic sociology of mental health. With this as a genesis, this essay will be aimed at discussing stigma as a core concept discovered in the case study and relating to the diary entries. Discussion Johnstone, (2001: 200-209) documented that mental illness and individual suffering from mental illness are among the most marginalized, vulnerable, discriminated, and disadvantaged members of the society. He affirmed that negative ideologies that revolve around the disease are worse than the actual disease itself. As a form of example, he related that people with schizophrenia can be viewed as violent people with no ability to take care of themselves. Moreover, people with depression are stipulated as lazy and associated with drug abuse.

The way the society perceives individuals with mental illness, limits opportunities available for the individuals suffering from mental illness. With reference to the case study, Diary 1 January 12th entry. stigma as documented by Overton & Medina (2008: 143-151) is evidenced by the individual’s lack of motivation to seek medical attention. Due to the stigma associated with depression, the individual feels reluctant and it is only following convincing, that she agrees to see the doctor. The individual distances herself from the mental illness as she says ‘the doctor said I had severe depression and gave me some meds’. She has no insight and prefers to distance herself from the reality that she has a mental illness. This can be attributed to the personal stigma that the society influences people with mental illnesses and their self-esteem. Additionally, Overton & Medina (2008: 143-151) documented that stigma in mental health has since in the past been accompanied with subjective feelings. The individual due to the stigma becomes overwhelmed with the activities going on around him that he loses touch with reality. This consequently leads to individuals feeling of isolation and distancing themselves from their loved ones and in preference associating themselves with solitaries. With reference to the case study, Diary 1 January 12th entry clearly evidences the effects of stigma in the flow of thoughts evidenced in the writing.

As a beginner, the client avows that for the past few months, things were not going well and she had lost interest in her kids and the sexual relation with her partner. Loss of interest is a key symptom in patients suffering from severe depression but aggravated with stigma associated with the inability to perform tasks that were previously performed competently. The individual in the case study is aggravated by the fact that even the children and the partner are aware of her condition, evidencing the highest degree of stigma within the smallest unit of the society: family (Overton & Medina (2008: 143-151). Johnstone (2001, 200-209) with reference to the DSM IV psychiatric definition manual, stigma in mental health conditions is associated with inability of an individual to perform the activities of daily living.

This interferes with individuals association with work, and in the interpersonal relationships. With reference to the case study, this is evidenced in Diary 1 March 12th entry. She asserts that she was not sure what was happening that day, but she is certain things were not okay.

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