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There is no need to have laws which regulate immigration into the uk.consider whether you agree with the above statement, presenting arguments and evidence for your position Thank you in advance for the help! UK offers both, job opportunities as well as education. Most of the times, immigrants do not want their children the kind of life which they had spent. In such case, people make the run for the border.Nowadays, the contemporary British society is facing the most serious problems of immigration laws. A lot of people from all over the world have started moving to UK. A large number of those people come from Asia. States like Manchester, London and Birmingham constitute of Asian immigrants to a greater extent than ever before. Many experts believe that the increasing number of illegal immigrants is dangerous not only for the socio-political life of the nation but also for the development of the national economy. This situation has become a serious concern for UK Government.The history of UK reveals a heavy inflow of immigrants which leads to adverse reaction to the existing population of the country. Majority of the citizens of UK believe that the number of immigrants that are coming to the country must be limited and the existing immigration laws must not be changed.The direction of immigration can be in both ways, there can be positive development but on other hand, negative development can also not be denied. On one hand, it open various ways for the talented people coming from other land but on other hand it raises the rate of competition and issues of struggling for native people.In my opinion, the existing immigrations laws of UK must not be changed. The reason is that immigration laws work well for the stability of the population of a country and it helps in reducing the citizensÂ’ unsatisfaction that comes from the antagonism towards the immigrants. Many citizens of UK believe that the major concern is that when immigrants come to their country, they snatch jobs from the native people. In actual, thatÂ’s not the real situation. The major concern is of illegal immigration.

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