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Write an argumentative essay on Sociology blog. Needs to be 1 pages. This has created a clear picture in our minds on population transition over the years. Through this topic we have realized that increase in population in the current world is caused by several factors such as economy, cultural norms and level of education especially among women (Ballantine and Roberts 45).This topic has a great impact on me because it has created higher understanding on the issues affecting the world today. This is in relation to what we discussed about education and health issues. It is clear from the topic that there is a high mortality rate in the world due to poor health care. In addition, due to high population rate and global interrelationships, there is increase in spread of diseases such as HIV/ AIDS. The topic also has an impact on social policies and laws since the two have a role to play to curb global problems. This is because from the topic we learned how some of social policies such as migration have greatly affected the welfare of people in the world. In addition, the laws that rule globalization have also contributed to increase in health problems among people (Ballantine and Roberts 52).The topic was well presented by use of supporting theories and graphs. Various theories were used during this lesson to create more understanding on population transition in the world. Population graphs were also used to give the real population data. In addition, various movies and clips were used during the lesson. They were very important because they created more understanding about the topic. The movie created a real picture in my mind concerning world population and its effect (Ballantine and Roberts

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