Sociological imagination

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Assignment Help

The reaction paper is a sociological piece that is a reflection of any social issue of interest to the student. While there are no limits in terms of issues to be discussed in the reaction paper, students are encouraged to choose topics/themes that will enable them to develop and use their sociological imagination to demonstrate mastery of concepts learned in class. I will accept sociological topics even those that we might not have discussed in class. In the paper, students need to demonstrate knowledge of the field of sociology that includes the application of theoretical frameworks as well as sociological methods.  And the issue I chosen is Gun Control.

The paper should be written by ASA style and the sociology knowledge and topics from the book ” Essentials of Sociology 3rd Edition – George Ritzer” between unite 1 to unite 7.And the paper should be more than 5 pages.

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