Social impact of a UK government

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Write an argumentative essay on Analyse the social impact of a UK government initiative on urban learning. Needs to be 10 pages. .Forming a sustainable society needs reformation of educational systems. What people believe and think about the world affects what they do as voters, consumers, and resource owners, as government officials, international diplomats, and employees. Sustainable urban development must take a wide view of urban issues and effort to solve urban problems by assimilating environmental, social, and economical components. For sustainable urban development, learning is one of the most significant factors. Maser (1997) defines sustainable community development as a community-directed progression of development based on: a) inspirational human values of love, trust, respect, wonder, modesty, and concern. b) active learning, which is a balance between the intelligence and instinct, between the abstract and the concrete, between action and reflection. c) sharing that caused through communication, collaboration, and coordination. d) an ability to understand and work with and within the flow of life as a fluid system, distinguishing, understanding, and excepting the implication of relationships. e) patience in seeking an understanding of an essential issue rather than applying band aid like quick fixes to problematic symptoms. f) deliberately integrating the learning space into the working space into a persistent cycle of theory, experimentation, action, and reflection. and g) a shared societal vision stranded in long-term sustainability, both culturally and environmentally. In recent years, policymakers in the United Kingdom have commended their school systems to assure that substantially all students obtain the levels of knowledge and skill in core academic subjects required to succeed in further education, work, and citizenship.

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