Shifting paradigms

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Create a 5 page paper that discusses shifting paradigms: creating meaningful learning. Due to globalization, technological advancements, and rapid political changes all over the world people are now more and more exposed to the changing environment. Although this is a part of the development process it has to be dealt with critically in order to facilitate future generations in quick environmental adaptation. Here, the educators play a vital role in helping students to build up such competencies which are crucial for their efficient operations, comfort, transformation, and growing production. Hence it can be said that creating a paradigm of meaningful learning is extensively significant for innovations which are then followed by the transformational process. However, educational institutions cannot perform this job independently. They surely require the assistance and facilitation of other stakeholders and community leaders so as to express a coherent and conceivable idea of the shifting paradigms. For instance, leaders and educators would have to communicate the potential success of the dynamic changes while also creating an environment of motivation and commitment all around. They can also define the resources required to carry out the entire project of meaningful learning (Duffy, 2010).Since stakeholders are responsible to undertake the changes in educational patterns therefore they would have to show flexibility in their approach and other working methods. This fundamentally involves thinking in different ways, perceiving the idea of shifting paradigms, and behaving accordingly. Moreover, the change also involves some of the unlearning&nbsp.processes, for example, educators and stakeholders would have to completely reject the conventional learning and behaving methods.&nbsp.

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