Sex & aging

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Write a 5 pages paper on sex & aging.

Phanjoo says about the reason for society’s sexual dysfunction in elders as, “the social attitudes and beliefs that consider sexual behavior as inappropriate, repugnant or abnormal in old age will contribute of such behavior” (Phanjoo, 2011). As men and women progress in their age, the sexual drive in them is changed to downwards. The decrease of the sexual drive in the old affects in their performance and satisfaction. So age acts as a barrier for the sexual relations of persons. Further, the intensity of sexual responses at a particular age is different in male and female. The essay tries to analyze how age interferes with the sexual relations of the old couples. The aspect of sexual satisfaction in male and female is different. The sexual satisfaction factors, involved in sexual satisfaction, are relationship status, individual age during the relationship, and the age of relationship.

A survey conducted among the men and women in five countries proves that the “relationship satisfaction in men depended on health, physical intimacy, and sexual functioning, while in women only sexual functioning predicted relationship satisfaction” (Heiman, 2011, p.741). In the analysis of sexual satisfaction it was found out that among men longer relationship duration predicted greater relationship happiness and sexual satisfaction whereas women in longer relationships showed less relationship satisfaction (Heiman, 2011, p.741). It has been further found out that the physical intimacy acts as a prime factor for the sexual satisfaction in men. The theory behind the sexual satisfaction is that men’s sexual satisfaction is more physical whereas in women it is more emotional. The survey says about the age of relationships as, “The percent of women who reported that they were “extremely” emotionally satisfied or physically satisfied with their partner decreased in the 55-59 years olds (to 26.3 and 28.

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