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1. Adding a server to your NetworkYour client, CSM Tech Publishing , has been running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Edition, which you installed about a year ago , and using the AD DS, DNS, IIS and file services roles. The number of computer client has grown form 25 to 50 in the past six months, and additional growth is expected.CSM tech just purchased an expensive project management system to help manage project scheduling. This application has hefty memory and CPU requirement. All desktop computers will have the project management client application installed. The owner doesn’t want to install the client application on mobile user laptops, so a remote solution is needed for these laptops. the owner also mentions that he’s familiar with the application and will need to log on the server periodically to do maintenance and monitoring. the owner tells you that in the future, CSM Tech publishing might need system fault tolerance to ensure that little or no downtime because this critical application will eventually be accesses at all time of the day and night. For now, he’s just concerned about getting the system up and running. you check the existing server’s capacity and determine that the new application memory and disk requirements will likely exceed the existing server’s 4 GB capabilities . the owner explains that there’s enough budget for a new server so you should plan for growth. As an aside, he mentions that because all his employees log on at about the same time , the time takes to log on has been increasing. You need to come up with specification for a new server. Describe some hardware feature you plan to recommend for this new server, in particular the CPU architecture , number of CPUs amount or RAM, and disk system. Please Explain your answer ?

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