Serial killers and psychological disorders

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic serial killers and their psychological disorders. Over the years, serial murderers have been classified under different types. Some of them are the: Visionary Type, Mission-Oriented Type, Power Control-Oriented Type, Lust Killers, etc. The two serial killer types that I will be focusing on in this paper are the Lust Killers and Mission-Oriented Type. The main motive for Lust Killers is sex (Cost). It does not matter whether their victim is dead or alive. they mostly depend on their fantasy. The more they torture or even mutilate the person, the greater the sexual gratification they get. These killers mostly use weapons – such as knives or even their bare hands – that make it possible for them to have near contact with the victims. There is no time span for how long these murders may continue, as long as the stimulation is present, they will keep happening. As it decreases, they may slow down or come to a halt completely.

One of the most famous of these killers is Jack the Ripper. Even though he was killed in the nineteenth century and is believed to have murdered five women over a period of three months, yet there remains a great hype about him. The main reason behind that being that to this day no one has discovered the true identity of the serial killer. Jack the Ripper is thought to be a Lust Killer because of his choice of victims and the way he took their lives (House, 2011). He murdered middle-aged women who were prostitutes and he did the job so very brutally, slashing different parts of their bodies and even scooping out their organs. He used a sharp knife and was very quick with the work that he was not caught. Psychologists say mutilating his victims helped him attain sexual pleasure.

Even though Jack the Ripper shares some of his qualities similar to that of a disorganized killer, but the majority of them are those of an organized one. He clearly had an aim in mind to murder the prostitutes and not just any random person he came across. To do that he brought and used his own weapons and did not even leave any of them behind.

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