Self-Awareness Assignment

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Write 7 page essay on the topic Self-Awareness it as “the most fundamental issue in psychology.” The least level of self-awareness is usually characterized by confusion while some level of awareness results to some form of differentiation. Above the differentiation level, there is the situational level where an individual begins to explore self while finding circumstances that suit them. The individual can also get to the level of identification where they begin developing a self-image. An individual then begins to realize their position based on their experience and finally they develop to become fully conscious of themselves (Jayashree, 2011).Personally, I am still in the process of self-awareness having realized some of my strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness is facilitated by self-assessment as well as the need for self-enhancement (Silvia 2002). The realization of strengths can be very important since for the period of time that I have been able to realize them, some benefits have ensued. Firstly, i have always been an individual that loves to be independent. This dates back in early years in school where my parents used to complain that I did not seek assistance and trued to show me its importance. When doing assignments, most of my primary school colleagues were used to doing assignments in groups even those that were supposed to be personal. However, for me, I did not have the slightest persuasion that I needed to do my work in a group. I did not have anything against them but just developed a feeling that I needed to be independent. Later on, as I joined college for my studies I was so pleased to be alone, not for any ill intention but just for having my own space as I face various aspects of life. Upon realization of this, I have been trying to use it to better myself. It has made me accumulate a number of personal belongings as well as get a chance to do appreciate the role of others in my life. Being independent makes me be very selective on the friends I keep and so far, it has been

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