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choose chapter 12 I uploaded it Website Review/Chapter Presentation (Week 3-7, 10 pts)Website Review/Chapter Presentation:

The is an individual exercise. Each student will select an excellent web site about one assigned chapter and share it with the class on the Discussion Board during the assigned week. This event could be a link to a game or simulation that is related to your topic. The due date of this assignment varies (Week 3-7); therefore, please do check the schedule for your deadline.

WEB SITE TOP PICK  – Starting on Week three, I would like each of you to select excellent web sites about one assigned chapter (this assignment could contain a link to a game or simulation that is related to your topic). Make sure that they are meaningful and relevant (4 pt), also explain what the site is about (4 pt), including what is your favorite site and why (2 pt). Keep it short.

One or more people may be asked to focus on the same chapter. Again, this is an individual submission.  Although two or more students will be assigned one chapter, students will NOT be working in teams on this assignment. Post your work to the weekly discussion forum under “Discussion Board.”IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ASSIGNMENT, ASK! ALSO, COLLEAGUES, SUGGEST YOU SAVE THESE SITES POSTED ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD; COULD BE EXCELLENT SOURCES FOR YOU LATER.Please wait to post your webs/highlights until the week due. NOTE- websites that include simulations or learning games (related to the topic) can be included.

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