School Refusal Behavior

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Create a thesis and an outline on School Refusal Behavior Associated with Separation Anxiety Disorder. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Moving into adulthood is an important transformation in the span of human life. As the child grows up, the reluctant attitude of the child to go to school might have a negative educational and social impact. When the pupil is remaining absent for a long period of time, his educational growth is hampered, this might reflect in his/her results. The child might have to face grade retention which inhibits developmental opportunities. The child loses self-confidence and might become a victim of poor self-esteem. Improper communication among young children and parents due to school refusal issues delivers a negative impact on children. Parents feel guilty about the unmanageable and uncooperative behavior of their children. School refusers in the long term might face clashes in their relationships which give rise to disharmony in the family, alienation from peers, financial and legal issues, lack of good employment, etc. (Kearney, 2006).If this refusal behavior continues or develops at a later stage, it gives rise to mental health illness and associated negative outcomes. There are many reasons for children not to go to school. This absenteeism might be due to some illness experienced by the student because of which he has a long gap period. After that long gap, the child is hesitant to go to school. If the school is changed he might feel isolated for sometime, therefore he would try to avoid going to school. The school refusal behavior also might come from the fear of victimization by the school bully (Wilmshurst, 2008, p.211).When school refusers are excessively attached to their major attachment figures (e.g., parents, grandparents, older siblings), (Karlovec, Yazdi, Rier, Marksteiner, & Aichhorn, 2008) they develop extreme anxiety when they are away from them. This reflects their behavior when they are separated from their caregivers. This severe and prolonged anxiety-causing excessive mental distress is referred to as ‘Separation anxiety disorder’.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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