SC consulting project

Scenario 2:¬†After concluding the Jefferson project, you move to your next SC consulting project. Your next client is a growing company that is facing intense rivalry from aggressive competitors. As part of your initial briefing, the CEO explains that the company’s next plant will be very large “to take advantage of economies of scale,” because of intense price pressure from customers and to be positioned for future demand growth. The client also mentions that the company may choose to invest in robotics and other forms of automation as well to further reduce costs. The client notices an expression of concern on your face – and asks you to explain what is worrying you.Q6: (15 points) Tell him what is worrying you and that you recommend an in-depth analysis of the current situation and the expected future situation. What are the questions you would ask him to gather needed information? Using graphs, numbers, and words, explain to him why you are concerned and the issues that would need to be addressed in order to gain the benefits he envisions. Make assumptions as needed but state them. Develop your answer as needed to show you understand the concepts and issues.

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