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A Multi- national Pharma has developed a new Miracle drug .however the half – life Ty, at Temp = 25 C is[ 1 1 = 32 days .The Vice President of Sales and Marketing is not pleased and hehas decided to veto the release of the drug to the marketplace .He demands that the formulation team re – develop the drug suchthat the new half – life is[ 1 12 = 100 days .The team decides to explore increasing the stability by lowering*the storage temperature .APPROACH: Use the equation for half – life .[ 1 12 = 0. 693 / K ( for both half- lives , 32days and 100 days )Solve for & l and k ]and ArThenius Equation for Jack `* ; ) .T = 298*K .Slope = AFIR = 9500 .Gas Constant R = 8.314 J mol K`To determine I = ?* *`What is that temperature T in C ?What simple substance can they use as the cooling agent ?"

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