Sales and Marketing/Electronic Media

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Write an essay on Sales and Marketing/Electronic Media. It needs to be at least 750 words.First of all, we need to delve into what marketing concept actually is. The sales concept is basically making sure a product is produced and hence sold through proper distribution channels while on the other hand a marketing concept entails the pre-production activities related with a product, selling and marketing it extensively when its on the shelves of the retail outlet and looking after the post purchase dissonance, if any there is found. Similarly, customer satisfaction would mean their retention and eventual further selling of the product. All these sales and marketing trends have come with a reason – the quest to understand the intricate details related with satisfying the consumer needs and wants. The different appliances, devices and products have thronged the market like a bang in the last five decades and such a revolution has never been that profound in the whole of the humanity basis. Obviously this has brought headache and trouble for the people who are at the helm since they are required to make decisions which are in the best interest of all and sundry and more than that the whole world is banking on their split second verdicts. Sales and marketing fields have been benefited enormously with these advancements and having said that a number of other innovations, changes and up-gradations are already underway, which will eventually alter the basis of human understanding in the world of present times as well as that of tomorrow.The convergence of entertainment, communications and technology has brought in different features like Xbox, I pod, Retail sensor devices, household appliances, industrial machinery and much more – thus bringing a complete revolution to the present day world of human beings. What best this convergence has created is a need to understand that man has grown beyond doing everything manually. The present world is an age of assistance and help from the machines and man is bound to reap rich benefits from the

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