Rows and columns for L_employees table

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Instructions: List all the rows and columns for the L_employees table. Add a new column that says “Old Timer” for any employee that was hired before the year 2000 and is blank for all oTher employees. Sort this by the employee_id column. List the last name, first name, and hire date of all the people in the L_employees table. Divide the hire date column into two columns: one called “old timers” for people hired before the year 2000, and one called “newer hires” for people hired after that year. Sort the result table by the last name and then by first name.Review Chapter 15; section 15-12, page 585 for reference.Using the class example database (SQLFUN), create the required SQL statements to produce the following results:Use a cross join to create a table having all combinations of flavors of the four items listed below.Goal: Find rows that are not matched. You need to create four tables for each of these first:Ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, strawberry. Sauce: hot fudge, butterscotch, chocolate. Nuts: peanuts, pecans, almonds, no nuts. Cherry: cherry, no cherry.Hint: You will get 96 rows.

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