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Be sure to describe the role of the following factors:HormoneNameWhat triggers it’s releaseHow it travels in bloodIs it lipid-soluble or water-soluble?Target cell(s)What muscles or glands work as effectors?What response is produced to return to homeostasis?Cardiovascular System- Blood Choose 1 to thoroughly answer and reply to any peers’ post that answered the other question that you did not answer.A. What is hematopoiesis and where does it occur?  B. Offer details to distinguish myeloid stem cells from lymphoid stem cells.  C.  Explain which Stem cell and blast cell that each formed element is derived from.A. Why and how are the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways activated? B.  How is fibrin made to help aid in coagulation?Cardiovascular System- HeartChoose 2 to thoroughly answer and reply to any peer who answered the 1 question you did not choose.A. Why is the SA node the pacemaker of the heart?  What is activates the SA node? B. How does the conducting system result in the contraction of the non-pacemaker myocytes of the atria and ventricles? (Include the parts of the system in your answer) What is occurring in the 5 periods of the cardiac cycle?  State weather the AV and semilunar valves are open or closed during each period and tell me which phase of the ECG is occurring during each period.A. What is Mean Arterial Pressure and how is it measured? B. MAP is regulated by Cardiac Output.  What components make up Cardiac Output?  C.  Tell me a factor that can increase stroke volume and what that change will do to the Mean Atrial Pressure?   D.  Differentiate the preload from the afterload and explain how each can increase and decrease Cardiac Output and thus MAP.

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