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Compose a 250 words assignment on article review and questions. Truxillo, Bauer and Campion argue that there is little research on interventions related to organizational justice because of the challenges related to field-based justice research (212). The first challenge is that there exist justice-related issues which threaten the decision-makers in the organization because of their nature. Hence, the idea of intervention in such a situation affects the fairness and such intervention shows there is a problem. The other challenge that researchers face is when it comes to avoiding threats during experimentation and maintaining fidelity (Truxillo et al. 212). For example, the authors give an example, where they cite that some decision-makers may pose challenges when they impose certain controls to wipe out intervention. Lastly, the other challenge is that there exists the fear of investing in theory-based interventions that are well-developed among researchers (Truxillo et al. 212). Some of the interventions that I would provide to organizations that I believe would improve employee perceptions of fairness would be for management teams in organizations to focus on frequent communication with employees and in promoting transparency. Reaffirming to all employees that they will receive equal opportunity is one of the ways. Adding transparency and commitment to the compensation system in the organization is another good way of promoting employee perception of fairness.

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