Retirement planning information

Now consider the following retirement planning information. We are going to practice going from future values to present values and vice versa when cash flows are mixed. So suppose you are planning for retirement and you currently have $15,000 in an account that earns 3% interest. You plan to keep that money in that account until you retire, which will be in 40 years. You also plan to deposit $450 per month into a relatively safe bond mutual fund that you expect to earn a modest 4.5%. You also plan to deposit $550 into a more risky stock mutual fund that you expect to earn 9%. Lastly, you anticipate that in 30 years you will inherit $250,000. This money you will put into the account that currently holds your $15,000 in savings (and so the inheritance will earn 3% interest). Assume that you will begin making the described deposits in one month.2.

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