Research Project Proposal

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Research Project ProposalThroughout the course, you will be studying a variety of technology topics that are relevant in enterprise settings. Some of you are students exclusively while others of you work in corporate America. Regardless of your situation, the advances of modern technologies are disrupting the way people work, live, and learn. The goal of this research assignment is to conduct a deep dive analysis on one of the following topic areas. When conducting your research, you need to identify how digital transformation in business is a disruptor to the specific topic area selected. Topic areas to consider include (Choose one of the followings):Cloud ComputingMobile ComputingInternet of ThingsWearable ComputingArtificial Intelligence/Cognitive Systems/Machine LearningSecurity & PrivacySocial / Collaborative Platforms3-D PrintingOnline Learning & AndragogyThe final paper includes an exhaustive research study using the outline below to substantially support your findings. Using the following paper structure format:You are to write a 10-12 page page research paper.The paper should be, double-spaced following APA format using a Times New Roman 12-point font.Page counts do NOT include cover pages, references, or abstract.Treat this as if you had an opportunity to publish in a peer-reviewed business or technology journal. The paper structure should be as follows:AbstractIntroductionProblem Statement/Research GapResearch Analysis/Literature ReviewGeneral FindingsStrength Identification relative to disruptionWeakness Identification relative to disruptionWhy is this an opportunity?Why is it a threat?How does this disruption solve problem X?Further areas of research to considerConclusionReferencesOne- or two-page summary of your project proposal.Describe your project objective, scope, and targeted industry introduction.List tentative table of contents.Be open about your concerns, challenges, and preliminary ideas.Account for 10% of the term project grade.

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