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Write a research paper on ipad. Needs to be 3 pages. . oles anchoring what should be viewed as a continuing process with product development, advertising, and promotional efforts providing the necessary fuel to keep the process in play” (Ailloni, 1998). The iPad is getting a lot of exposure, especially in terms of media product placements.The market in which Apple operates is very competitive. There are high entry barriers and a few established competitors offering similar services. Switching costs have been increasing, because many companies are using long-term contracts with harsh penalties against customers who try to switch products. However, this is still an industry in which competition fuels innovation and progress, and many consumers are looking for the “next big thing.”The iPad is basically a larger version of the iPhone with a more powerful processor, but without phone capabilities. The proposed report will go into more detail concerning the product review’s specificities, its features, and its pros and cons, when there is more textual space allotted to do so.As noted, the market in which Apple operates is very competitive. Currently, it faces stiff competition from Microsoft, Samsung, and other companies. The proposed report will look closely at 3 of Apple’s major competitors, focusing on specific products that are in the same category as the iPad.One objective is to make a link between the iPad and information retrieval, in marketing terms. “To the extent that the information is made public and transparent, it will make people better informed and able to make better choices. New economy organizations tend to be flat, decentralized, and open to employee initiative” (Kotler, et. al, 2002, p. 4). The establishment of new marketing principles that are not based on rigidEven with increases in communication and technology, Apple shows traditional views about marketing.

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