Research Methods in TESOL

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Research Methods in TESOL. The writer has identified the subject from personal experience and holds strong reason to study. The purpose of introduction to show that the writer has undergone sufficient preliminary investigation has been fulfilled in the proposal. The inadequacy of previous research has also been well mentioned (Olk, 2003).The clear definition of the statement of the problem is missing in the introduction part of the proposal. Though the purpose of research has been elaborately described, the ultimate problem has not been mentioned clearly which could provide readers an easy review of the research problem. The description has been completed in a short phase (Olk, 2003).A proposed literature review of the writer has shown evidence that research problem has not been created by the writer on his own. There is evidence of the previous article on the topic of research. The section has also provided credit to the article that has laid the basis for the research. It also has provided that prevailing information about the research topic will be analyzed in the research. The description is short but has been kept up to the requirements of the research (Wong, 2006).The proposed literature review has a limited span of description. An in-depth presentation of understanding of the issues related to the research problem has been ignored. There is lack of in-depth focus on the research topic. Descriptions of various issues that have laid the foundation of the present research have not been mentioned. A proposed literature review has to be organized and well versed, but this criterion of a good review has been ignored (Wong, 2006).The questions that have been mentioned as research questions in the proposal are well related to the problem of the research. The relationship between the questions has been maintained which shows that the research will depict appropriate results relevant to the topic. A wide variety of research questions are there and the underlying&nbsp.relationship has been established among them.&nbsp.

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