Representation of Men and Women in Advertisement

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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Representation of Men and Women in Advertisement.The accent is made on appearance which is defined as the key to success in private and social life. Before you even open any glossy magazine you realize that to appear on the cover of it you need to fit all these criteria. The models in the advertisements of fashion magazines are intentionally unrealistic and unreachable: they seem to be weightless, ephemeral creatures.&nbsp. Printed media has made it clear that thinness is almost equal to sexual attractiveness and all the women who fall out of the category S and sometimes even XS size do not have any chances to count on the attention of men. The gap between ultra-thin models and normal sizes of ordinary women is so huge that regularly comparison becomes unavoidable.&nbsp.&nbsp. The most serious is the fact that advertising industry has made it a norm which means that it has managed to impose those unrealistic standards on all women of all classes and all nationalities. Fashion magazines models and Hollywood stars advertising this or that product whose beauty is far from natural- with multiple plastic surgeries and crowds of stylists and hairdressers tell common women how they must look, what they must wear, how they must smell.&nbsp. For teenage and college girls as well as for adult women being exposed to such an extreme variant of beauty is very stressful. The only company that tried to overcome these stereotypes was Dove who invited women of normal size to advertise their products.

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