Relationship between love and sex

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Write a 5 pages paper on the relationship between love and sex. Social function accounts of love illustrates that love induces emotions and coordinates the interactions between couples who are associated with a sense of intimacy. Therefore, an emotion instigates the instinct of a person to have sex. Driven by emotions, love acts as the foundation of getting into a sexual intercourse, which is critical for procreation of children. The main variation between love and sex is the response time of the partisans. Concerning the issue of sex, psychologists have discovered that people respond differently to actual intimacy. For instance, women respond fairly towards having sex within a specific framework of social interaction because their emotional signals of getting into the sexual act are based on the motives of love. This is in contrary to men who are non-expressive about their emotional display and instead, guided by the assumption of social function to have sex even when they do not mean to love (Fisher, 2011).In contrast to sexual desire driven by emotions or feelings, some couples possibly engage into sexual affair without having love as a uniting factor. Several researches have pointed out that the psychological situation and behavioral circumstances promote engagement into sexual faction between two individuals even if they are not in love. In essence, issues of divorce and separation are often associated with typical American families where women are the most common victims. As such, the women seem to be mediated by psychological desire to have sex thus finding themselves having fallen into sex traps without having a share of love. Some of the psychologists such as Diamond points out evidence that a person can engage in a sexual act without any proper love relationship with his partner due to desire for satisfaction alone (Marietta, 1996).

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