Reflection on a pretend observation

Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Reflection on a pretend observation of a k-3 classroom with children of diverse backgrounds.Reflection on a pretend observation of a k-3 classroom with children of diverse backgroundsThe subject matter for this day was Reading. The teacher read a story from the textbook about obedience. She took the big pictures she prepared last night for this activity. As she animatedly told the story, she flashed the pictures and stressed certain significant words. The children were listening with awe.From time to time, the teacher would ask the children to repeat after her on certain words which she deemed important to be stressed and remembered. Some of these are “bun, bone, huge, leaf, left, enter, and several.”When the reading activity was finished, the teacher asked the children about what they think of the boy who did not obey his mother, and about the consequence of his non-obedience. Some children answered actively, saying “it is bad not to obey parents.” The Asian children were more stressful about obeying their parents than were American children in the observed class.The teacher then got some illustrations about letters of the alphabet. She asked each of the pupils to say the sound of certain letters, such as “mmmm” for the letter M and “Oh” for letter O. She would flash some pictures to reinforce the sounds of the letter. She also asked children with different nationalities to give a word that starts with letter O in their native dialect. She asked a Filipino child and he said, “Orasan” (clock).

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