Reflecting on Practice

Write the following article on Reflecting on Practice by Arthur M. Langer. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The study clearly describes the study class focused on, in this case, the computer technology class. Towards the end of the introduction, the study purpose has been clearly stated as, “understanding the immediate and comprehensive effects of journals as tools of learning and enhancing critical reflection when working with adult students” (Langer 337).Some of the major strengths in as far as the theoretical framework of this research (Langer 340), is that there is a suitable setting for the literature review. The author carried out a comprehensive literature review that analyzed relevant published works critically through comparisons and summaries. The author acknowledges, in setting the theoretical framework that the use of learning journals as a tool for enhancing critical thing raises the question of the role played by reflection in learning (Langer 338). Langer asserts that the various sources reviewed offered various definitions for reflection. In so doing, the study prepares the readers and makes them understand that the literature review will focus on previous studies on the use of learning journals and reflection. Subsequently, the article has offered, in the literature review, vivid views and summaries of other publications on the use of journals as learning tools. There are a clear transition and remarkable flow from one part to another. The findings from previous studies are clearly presented in the literature review and remarkable comparisons and relationships are illustrated. For instance, it describes the findings of Harmerling (1998) and compares it to those of Selfe et al. (1986), thereby indicating a clear study gap (Langer 346).In this article, the research methodology is comprehensive in the sense that, it is justifiable and offers the readers enough information, making it easy for one to replicate and even follow the procedure. Two research techniques used in this article are clearly stated. These include interviewing a select group of students and review of journal. The sampling method/process, a very important research aspect, is indicated, and its components are also examined. The sample research group has been clearly indicated.

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