Red Bull GmBH

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Red Bull GmBH. According to the study&nbsp.U.K. market already flooded by big market players like that of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola has created a tougher competition for the Austrian based company to make a market of its own and further generate business. The company has been among the top selling companies but it makes no mark in the quantity of the products sold. It can be understood as the companies sought to benefit the socials for individual well-being and much better lifestyles. Certainly demographic impacts have been seen by the company in segmenting the market. They have been targeting the youth, middle aged and elderly people of the society and subsequently these people are attracted to products that rejuvenate and regenerates. The market is said to be functional with variety of products in the food and beverages segments are launched each day.

Each company had its own unique way of attracting the customer base. Red Bull also thought out a process of marketing and advertising its most valuable product. It introduced ‘buzz marketing’ or it can be said as word-of-mouth. It was a strategical concept introduced by the company to attract UK customers. To make marketing of the product much more different from the traditional concepts, Red Bull resorted to campaigns in the sports arena. It got itself associated with various youth drinks especially in the extreme sports zone like motor racing, mountain biking, snow boarding and dance music. Gradually Red Bull started to get results for their hard work. With growing demand for the product Red Bull became clear market winner in energy drinks consumption in the U.K.

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