Recovery period

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Compose a 500 words assignment on recovery period. Ans1) The US law forbids automatic termination in many scenarios to protect the rights of employed officers. One cannot terminate an officer without warnings simply because the said officer performed immoral or unethical acts. or perhaps, arrived to work in an inebriated state. If an officer is found to be sexually harassing other officers, or passing on racist remarks, there are procedures present that must be followed. Very rare cases allow automatic termination. However, for the sake of this answer, these laws shall be ignored. As the Police Chief, I would recommend automatic termination if one or multiple of my law enforcement officers were to commit the following offences or behavior(s):I. Sexism, Racism, or any other biases,II. Using their title/uniform for personal benefits/advantages or for bullying others.The institute of law enforcement runs on the basis of mutual respect. the civilian respects the officer and the officer respects the civilian, not considering him/herself superior because of his uniform. An officer must, at all times, remain unbiased so as not to obstruct his judgement during his duty. The above stated behaviors are, to me, the most likely to incite the opposite feelings. Biases arise because there is no respect for one’s fellows. Prejudice leads to hatred, which then manifests itself into hate crimes. And these crimes simply grow in magnitude. An automatic termination would set an example. The second behavior shows a lack of respect for the very job. By not respecting the profession of law enforcement, one cannot be considered an officer – it becomes contradictory in nature. This sort of behavior leads to bullying and taking advantage of others. Ans 2)The “recovery phase provides a ‘window of opportunity’ for risk reduction” (Christoplos). The recovery period simply refers to the phase, after the occurring of any crime, where the victims involved recover from their losses. This does not necessarily mean emotional losses. If, for instance, a theft took place in a shop, the recovery phase/period would include the recovering from the financial loss, the traumatic experience of being held at gun point (perhaps), and the relief and rehabilitation (not necessarily in mobile terms) of the victims. This period is often called the window of opportunity for risk reduction. Risk reduction refers to the actual trimming down of the risk of any crime. What this statement, thus, means is this: when a crime occurs, a situation arises in which the involved actors (victims, civilians or the cops) are given an opportunity to reduce risk for future such happenings.Mr. Christoplos wrote a report on the window of opportunity for disaster risk reduction that arises in a recovery period after a disaster strikes. While he speaks of natural calamities, we draw analogy from it to understand it in case of crime. He explains that “the disaster experience generates new knowledge, bringing together various stakeholders around a shared awareness of the risk” (Christoplos). Weakness of institutions, policies, and methods of law, corrupt actors and all flaws become apparent after the disaster, or in this case, crime. This leads to steps being taken to not only help recover but also to prevent this from happening again. Therefore, a recovery period is often called a window of opportunity for risk reduction.Works CitedChristoplos, Ian. The Elusive Window of Opportunity for Risk Reduction in Post-Disaster Recovery. Discussion Paper. Bangkok: ProVention Consortium Forum, 2006. Document.

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